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 2018 Archive 

CASL112618H_Canyons Holiday HOU_dev1

EAGL111417H_Eagle Ridge 15 sec_dev2

CRTX111418H_Copper Ridge Holiday_dev

BLKB111418H_Blackbuck Holiday Sale_dev2

EAGL110917H_Eagle Ridge Dec 8_demrv2

HSLC110918H_Hidden Shores End of Year_demrv4

CASL110818H_Canyons Houston_drv3

CRTX110918H_Copper Ridge Thanksgiving_dv1

CRTX110218H_Copper Ridge Veterans Day_dev1


HSLC102918H_Hidden Shores PreConstruction_derv3

COTN102918H_Cottonwood Sneak Preview_dtv1

LKSV102718_LOS $819 15 sec_dsrv1

LKSV102618_ LOS $819 30 sec_dsrv1

CASL102418H_Canyons Hill Top Rev 2_dr4v1

CASL102318H_Canyons Hill Top Open Rev_d4

CASL101718H_Canyons Hill Top Open_dv1

CRTX101418H_Copper Ridge New Grand Open_dv1

CASL101118H_Canyons Homesites- generic_drv1

BLKB101118H_Blackbuck Builders Revised_drv3

BLKB100318H_Blackbuck Builders Fair _dev1

CASL100218H_Canyons Hold Over_dev2

RCTX092618H_Rolling Creek Oct 20_dtv2

WHTL092418H_Whitetail Hills Oct 13_devr4

Hidden Shores Oct 27_web version

HSLC092418H_Hidden Shores Oct 27_devr2

Samples for review: one for creating a youtube link and the other is small enough to attach to an email. 
The green grass was created by a custom and complex method.

does not have logo, yet.

does not have logo yet

CASL092018H_Canyons Oct 6 Builders_dev2b

SAVN091318H_Savanna Ridge Closeout_dev2

CASL091118H_Canyons Feature McNair_dev1

RCTX090618H_Rolling Creek Sept 22_derv4

CASL090318H_Canyons Vintage Custom_dev1

DEEP090618H_Deep Creek Green Model_derv2

CASL082818H _Canyons Robare Custom_dettv1

LKSV082418_LOS Last Chance 15_dsv1

LKSV082318_LOS Last Chance 30_dsv2

CASL082418H_Canyons Mattern Fitz_dev14

SAVN082118H_Savanna Ridge Sept 8 _dtv2

DEEP081718bH_Deep Creek Getaway BAL_dev1

DEEP081718dcH_Deep Creek Getaway DC_dev1

DEEP081718H_Deep Creek Getaway Home_derv3

VINE081318H_Vineyard Ridge Final Closeout_derv2

CASL081318_Canyons Final Release P2_derv2

DEEP080218revH_Deep Creek Relax Parade rev_der4v2

DEEP072418H_Deep Creek Relax Parad_dev2

CASL073018H_Canyons Final Release P2_derv2

BLKB072518H_Blackbuck August 2_derv2

CASL072418H_Canyons Features Vintage_de1v1

DEEP072418H_Deep Creek REVISED_de1v1

CASL071718H_Canyons Features Robare_de1v1

DEEP071718H_Deep Creek Summer Lake_dev1

DCFR070818H_Deep Forest July 28  WAC_de4v1

DCFR070918H_Deep Forest July 28 HOU_dev3

HBTN071018H_Holly Bend July 28 NAS_dev3

HBTN070918H_Holly Bend July 28 IND_dev5

BOBC070918H_Bobcat Ridge Cabin 5_dev1

BLUE070918H_Bluebonnet Hill July 21_derv1

LKSV063018_LOS Mid-Summer 15_dsv1

LKSV062918_LOS Mid-Summer 30_dsv2

SAVN062918H_Savanna Ridge Closeout_derv1

2018 Archive  

CRTX062618H_Copper Ridge Celebrate Am_dev2

CRTX062718H_Copper Ridge Celebrate Am-2_dev1

DEEP062818H_Deep Creek Vacation Homes_derv2

DEEP062518H_Deep Creek Summer Cabin_derv3

LKSV062618_LOS July Fourth 15_derv2

LKSV062518_LOS July Fourth 30_derv2

VINE062318H_Vineyard Closeout_devr2

CASL061918H_Canyons Featured Builder_dev3

LKSV060818_LOS Summer New Home 15_dsv1

RCTX061118H_Rolling Creek 59,900_dev1

DEEP060818H_Deep Creek Builder Fair_dv3

LKSV060718 LOS Summer New Home 30-dsv3

HBTN060718H_Holly Bend Pre Grand_dev5

SAVN060618H_ Savanna Ridge Cabin_dev1

RCTX060518H_Rolling Creek Tour_dev3

DEEP060318H_Deep Creek Summer Sale_dev1

CRTX060218H_Copper Ridge Great Deal_dev3

Includes area attractions: Guadalupe River State Park,  park in Boerne, TX

CNCR052518H_Canyon Creek Final Phase 3_dtv2

May, 2018

CASL052218H_Canyons Memorial Day_dev1

LKSV052118_LOS Carrington Hat 15_dv1

LKSV042318_LOS Carrington Hard Hat_for review_dsv3

CRTX051018H_Copper Ridge Heldover_dev2

BLKB050418H_Blackbuck Barndo Phase 2_dev3

CASL050318H_Canyons Builders Heldover_dev

 DEEP011018H_Deep_Creek_dev2\3_YouTube_1080p NLP.mp4

LKSV042318_LOS Carrington Parade 30_dev2

LKSV042418_LOS Carrington Parade 15_dev2

LKSV041818_LOS Carrington 825-mo15_dtdv1

LKSV041718_LOS Carrington 825-mo30_dtdv1

CASL041318H_Canyons Builders_dev1

PPTX041118H_Prairie Point Barndo_dev2

CRTX041118H_Copper Ridge Now Selling_dev2

LKSV040318_LOS Carrington parade changed to GENERIC 30-sdev3

LKSV040418_LOS Carrington Parade 15LOS Carrington changed to GENERIC 15-sdev2

BLUE032918H_Bluebonnet Hill Cottage-de4

CNCR032218H_Canyon Creek Phase 6-de2

SAND032118H_Ranches Big Sandy Grand Open-de7

WHIT032018H_Whitt Ranch Closeout-e1

the only difference is on the final scene: it has the offer and the name of the sale. Is it better to see the property or the offer?

VINE031618H_Vineyard Barndo Hulu REV

VINE31518H_Vineyard Ridge Barndo REV-e2

only aerials are actual property. Creekfront homesites

VINE030118H_Vineyard Ridge Barndo Hulu

VINE022818H_Vineyard Ridge Barndo-e3

aerials of new construction and model homes- January 2018

New section at the Canyons at Scenic Loop

On-camera generic sound bites for TV spots

BLKB030218H_Blackbuck March 10 AUS REV-ebarndo offer

RCTX022818H_Rolling Creek Early Release-e

WHIT022718H_Whitt Ranch Ten Thousand-e2

designed for online content usage, specifically ABC TV San Antonio Live segment. (approximately 3.5 minutes)

BLKB022018H_Blackbuck March 10 AUS-e

BLKB021918H_Blackbuck March 10 HOU-e2

3 lot tour-revised with yellow highlights on map

WHIT021318H_Whitt Ranch 2 Held Over-e2

LKSV021418_LOS Carrington Spring 15-s

LKSV021318_LOS Carrington Spring 30-s

RLFL021318_Rivers Landing Spring-s2

Big Sandy Creek Ranch

January, 2018

Exported photos from HD edited video provided by the selling realtor

January 2018 construction photos

Construction January 2018

and rendering of 17 acre community park

CNCR020518H_Canyon Creek Feb 24-e

Aerial photos - a new mountain top view. January 2018

Open houses -January 2018

CASL020418H_Canyons Presidents Day-Pags_e

for writing the graphics part of the script

These each cost $50 to get the high res version without the watermark.

low resolution "preview" files, with watermark and no additional fees

WHIT102417H_Whitt Ranch Grand 2_e2

RCTX013018H_Rolling Creek Phase 3_d-e-v2

LKSV013118_LOS Carrington Sweet 30 REV_s2

LKSV020118_LOS Carrington Sweet 15 REV-s2

Leander, TX

CASL012918H_Canyons Generic Joe Pags_e1

generic - 60 seconds

Youtube version